Oxygen Yoga ~ New Westminster

Well, looks like I’ve fallen in love – with infrared yoga! I had heard a bit of a buzz about Oxygen Yoga, bought a Groupon to check it out for a month and have now signed up for a full year.

The classes leave you feeling energized, grounded and inspired. I feel like every class I’m getting better, gaining knowledge and looking less like an elephant trying to get out of a cage! I now have “doing and headstand” on my list of things to master in 2015.

The instructors are amazing and cater to any level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) to ensure people attending the class are getting the workout they need for the level they’re at. They make everyone feel welcome, help the newbies and still offer some advanced moves which quite honestly inspire me to get better!

They also offer different types of classes from stretching, to regular type yoga classes (flow), to what feels like a boot camp! Those classes will whip you into shape in no time.

Oxygen Yoga studios are all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley so I can only speak to the one in New West. The first class was free when I started a couple of months back so grab a friend, or check it out on your own…it’s worth the hour!

Oxygen Yoga – New Westminster

#105-1065 Columbia St
New Westminster, BC  V3M 6H7