Queen’s Park Pet Hospital ~ New Westminster

My son and I recently adopted a dog, Lucky, and we were in search for a local vet with a good reputation. Looks like we found one!

I dropped by the Queen’s Park Pet Hospital to book a nail appointment and got much more than expected. The clinic itself is very welcoming with soothing background music, animal calming room spray and caring staff.

The vet, Dr. Arora, was awesome as well! She gave Lucky a complimentary dental check up, ear cleaning and dental dog food to try. They are also big on having their animal clients drop by the clinic often for a treat in hopes to alleviate stress for actual appointments.

Queen’s Park Pet Hospital is conveniently open 7 days a week and offer digital x-ray and digital dental x-ray.  They are very involved in community events and have had continuing success since they opened their doors in 2013.

Stop by with your furry friend and see for yourself!

818 Colborne Street
New Westminster, BC

Oxygen Yoga ~ New Westminster

Well, looks like I’ve fallen in love – with infrared yoga! I had heard a bit of a buzz about Oxygen Yoga, bought a Groupon to check it out for a month and have now signed up for a full year.

The classes leave you feeling energized, grounded and inspired. I feel like every class I’m getting better, gaining knowledge and looking less like an elephant trying to get out of a cage! I now have “doing and headstand” on my list of things to master in 2015.

The instructors are amazing and cater to any level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) to ensure people attending the class are getting the workout they need for the level they’re at. They make everyone feel welcome, help the newbies and still offer some advanced moves which quite honestly inspire me to get better!

They also offer different types of classes from stretching, to regular type yoga classes (flow), to what feels like a boot camp! Those classes will whip you into shape in no time.

Oxygen Yoga studios are all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley so I can only speak to the one in New West. The first class was free when I started a couple of months back so grab a friend, or check it out on your own…it’s worth the hour!

Oxygen Yoga – New Westminster

#105-1065 Columbia St
New Westminster, BC  V3M 6H7


Limina Spa ~ New Westminster

I’ve had a few manicures and pedicures in my day however, the ones I had at Limina Spa in New Westminster, BC the other day stood out from any other spa I’ve been to! Yes, it had a very relaxing atmosphere and the actual treatment was wonderful, but it’s the knowledgeable and passionate staff that really sets Limina Spa apart from the rest. Limina Spa also offers additional services you won’t find in a regular spa, such as holistic and alternative approaches to promote health and wellness. Using an alternative diagnosis to help with your situation, they may suggest acupuncture, cupping therapy, reflexology and/or holistic massages. Although they also believe in Western medicine, Limina Spa offers ancient ways of healing that keeps their clients coming back for more.

If you’re the type of person who’s inquisitive and puts a high importance on your overall well-being, you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s stress, depression, injury or some regular pampering…there’s something for you at Limina Spa. Limina Spa is located at the New Westminster Skytrain Station within the new shopping area. Easily accessible and worth the trip!

Limina Spa 800 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster 604-525-0805

Heart and Soul Fitness ~ New Westminster

If you’ve ever met Angela Ripolo, owner of Heart & Soul Fitness, or had the pleasure of taking one of her classes/personal training sessions, you’ll soon discover that there’s no better name to describe her thriving business.

Angela has been involved in health and fitness for over 15 years. She became certified at Hilltop Academy 5 years ago and continues to keep her registration with BCRPA in good standing. Within this time she has worked for and learned from various fitness facilities. As her passion grew for health and fitness, so did her drive to open her own business and do it “her way”.

What I mean by “her way” means in line with her style and belief system. Angela believes in working from the inside out. If you start with a healthy mind and goals that mean something to you on a personal level, the exterior has no choice but to follow. “It’s about being the best you can be while enjoying the process”.

Heart & Soul Fitness came to fruition in April 2013 in the 150 square foot spare room of her home. The clients kept coming which prompted her to transition into a larger 400 square foot space in December 2013 to accommodate her rapidly growing business. Only one year later, and a larger following, she’s moving yet again!

Starting with just one on one personal training sessions, Heart & Soul Fitness now offers popular group sessions for like-minded individuals to get mentally and physically fit together and enjoy group motivation.

Having personally worked with Angela, I can say that I continue to gravitate to her because of her authentic passion to help others and her hard work to help me achieve my health and fitness goals in a fun and positive way. It’s like an instant energy boost being in her company which makes you want to come back!

Heart & Soul Fitness

611 Agnes Street, New Westmisnter


Brick & Mortar Living ~ New Westminster

Have you ever walked into a store that evoked a strong and whimsical feeling of inspiration, passion and awe? Or maybe you’ve walked into a store and thought to yourself, “This is the coolest store, why didn’t I know it was here?” Well, that is exactly what happened to me when I walked into Brick & Mortar Living in New Westminster.

I stumbled across this gem of a shop when a friend told me he was selling some of his funky hand-crafted wine barrel pieces there. Once inside the shop, I saw another friend’s products and found out they are HUGE supporters of local artists and their crafts. Most of their merchandise is from BC artists and creators.

Walking through this hard-to-leave store, you’ll appreciate displays that are beautifully designed, products that are unique and one a kind, and a staff totally down to earth. A great little combination!

When talking to one of the owners, Jennifer Pistone, she said, “We love that we inspire people. Sometimes people just come to visit us with a coffee in hand because the atmosphere inspires them and gets their creative juices going…and that’s what it’s about!”

Another little tid bit of information is that Brick & Mortar is a family owned business ran by mother, Jennifer Pistone, and two daughters, Julia Dewhurst and Emma Nash. Instead of seeing their mom’s phone number on call display and not answering (sound familiar??), these three enjoy working together and success is following them.

Don’t take my word for it – see it for yourself! Just steps away from the Columbia skytrain station in the up-and-coming downtown area of New Westminster, it’s easily accessible and something you won’t want to miss!

DSC_0026DSC_0032DSC_0023Brick & Mortar Living 

50 & 52 Sixth St.

New Westminster, BC