Brick & Mortar Living ~ New Westminster

Have you ever walked into a store that evoked a strong and whimsical feeling of inspiration, passion and awe? Or maybe you’ve walked into a store and thought to yourself, “This is the coolest store, why didn’t I know it was here?” Well, that is exactly what happened to me when I walked into Brick & Mortar Living in New Westminster.

I stumbled across this gem of a shop when a friend told me he was selling some of his funky hand-crafted wine barrel pieces there. Once inside the shop, I saw another friend’s products and found out they are HUGE supporters of local artists and their crafts. Most of their merchandise is from BC artists and creators.

Walking through this hard-to-leave store, you’ll appreciate displays that are beautifully designed, products that are unique and one a kind, and a staff totally down to earth. A great little combination!

When talking to one of the owners, Jennifer Pistone, she said, “We love that we inspire people. Sometimes people just come to visit us with a coffee in hand because the atmosphere inspires them and gets their creative juices going…and that’s what it’s about!”

Another little tid bit of information is that Brick & Mortar is a family owned business ran by mother, Jennifer Pistone, and two daughters, Julia Dewhurst and Emma Nash. Instead of seeing their mom’s phone number on call display and not answering (sound familiar??), these three enjoy working together and success is following them.

Don’t take my word for it – see it for yourself! Just steps away from the Columbia skytrain station in the up-and-coming downtown area of New Westminster, it’s easily accessible and something you won’t want to miss!

DSC_0026DSC_0032DSC_0023Brick & Mortar Living 

50 & 52 Sixth St.

New Westminster, BC