Heart and Soul Fitness ~ New Westminster

If you’ve ever met Angela Ripolo, owner of Heart & Soul Fitness, or had the pleasure of taking one of her classes/personal training sessions, you’ll soon discover that there’s no better name to describe her thriving business.

Angela has been involved in health and fitness for over 15 years. She became certified at Hilltop Academy 5 years ago and continues to keep her registration with BCRPA in good standing. Within this time she has worked for and learned from various fitness facilities. As her passion grew for health and fitness, so did her drive to open her own business and do it “her way”.

What I mean by “her way” means in line with her style and belief system. Angela believes in working from the inside out. If you start with a healthy mind and goals that mean something to you on a personal level, the exterior has no choice but to follow. “It’s about being the best you can be while enjoying the process”.

Heart & Soul Fitness came to fruition in April 2013 in the 150 square foot spare room of her home. The clients kept coming which prompted her to transition into a larger 400 square foot space in December 2013 to accommodate her rapidly growing business. Only one year later, and a larger following, she’s moving yet again!

Starting with just one on one personal training sessions, Heart & Soul Fitness now offers popular group sessions for like-minded individuals to get mentally and physically fit together and enjoy group motivation.

Having personally worked with Angela, I can say that I continue to gravitate to her because of her authentic passion to help others and her hard work to help me achieve my health and fitness goals in a fun and positive way. It’s like an instant energy boost being in her company which makes you want to come back!

Heart & Soul Fitness

611 Agnes Street, New Westmisnter